Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Drawings Look Like That Of A Serial Killer

Kazakh Dispatch - Day 3, Ok so we have been given the opportunity to work with a great Russian storyboard artist. Now, for all my non film friends, a storyboard artist is essentially an illustrator who's "Whole Job" it is, is to visualize via drawings and sketches all of the planned shots of a film to allow all departments on a film to properly prepare for a shoot. I had originally sent over my descriptions for the big action scene at the end of the film to the Artist in Moscow, but apparently due to translation reasons the Artist was not sure what I wanted, so I opted to try and draw the stuff out myself. 2 words on that: Bad, Idea. As my dear comrade Langford, the witty Brit who's also from UCLA and part of this lovely endeavor pointed out: "Oh god man, the drawings look like that of a serial killer, I mean what is that?"
So all I will publicly humiliate myself by posting some of the most egregious of the drawings to see if you all make heads or tails of them.

I mean come on? Is this not absolutely clear

a work of modern art?

Especially classy is the lack of scanner so I had to take photos from Photobooth

Today we did visit the top of the spire which gives you a great view of this intricately planned city, and then we went to get us some souvenirs. Which was really a trip to a mall but wait till you see the photos you will all thing we were in a hut in the dessert somewhere. 

Anyway, tomorrow is the big pitch day, I do hope to have a bit better concept art to support my pitch and then we will see what happens. All in all the best part of this trip has been the relationships created with dear Langford, our other" AFI Guy" Geoffrey, and our French contestant Emmanuelle.

Over and out


  1. Hi Victoria // this is Al in SFo // sitting in a cafe w your uncle Oswaldo.
    We met briefly your first day up from LA. Am quite excited about your blog and want to follow what you are doing. I watched the POV special last nite on public TV here in CA. It was about the life of Agnes Varda the artist in France related to Jean Varda who lived here in Sausalito years ago. I happened to live in his studio w my friend Marion Saltman a few years after he died. So her film released this month has so much personal meaning for me since I was personally connected in CA. I am sure you will relate to Agnes !!

    Here is an excerpt of Agnes Varda on youtube you will enjoy :

    I am sure Oswaldo will keep me informed of what your doing.
    Such an exciting way to be part of the world !! AL

  2. Vic- you are a quite the artist :) wicked impressed