Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Older Post: The 4 year who was suspended

Alright everyone so a 4 year old in Texas is suspended for wearing his hair long to school. Why Texas, Why must you live up to the stereotype?!  Some highlights:
Incident occurred in Mesquite (yes like the flavor) TX
School Board voted to unanimously to enforce its ban on Beatles haircuts. - Really everyone was in agreement about this? Really? I wonder if they get so huffy about harassment or sexism or racism. I’m just saying.
Boy’s mother’s name is Elizabeth Taylor. - I just found that cool.
The parents rejected a compromise proposed by the board under which they would braid his hair and pin it up. - Some how braiding is ok, but long not ok? Really?
I must quote my dear friend Lamont on this:
“It’s amazing that the same folks who crow on and on about the government taking away their freedoms are the first ones to deny freedom to others.”
A coda: It’s raining in LA. Waaa Waaaa.

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