Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Purpose Motive

In this amazing talk by Dan Pink, and animated (by RSA), Pink looks into the motivation of workers and how all of these shared collaborative free works are not motivated by money but by something else.

Some of the most fascinating highlights are:
1) Money is ONLY a motivator when the task is rudimentary. When the task is at all cognitive or creative money no longer works as a motivator in fact those who have to do high level tasks for a money bonus DO WORSE.
2) You have to pay people enough to not worry about money and they will perform at an icredibly high level.
3)Autonomy and the ability to innovate is what matters. Give people a purpose. I know this feeling, purpose is the reason I work in the media, it is why i stay in an unstable job with no job security.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be My Thrill, Director and Illustrator my friend Lauren!

It's pretty awesome when I get to promote a good friend's work. My friend Lauren directed, wrote and all in all came up with this sweet and also queer friendly animated music video for The Weepies. Check it out share with friends etc.