Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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So, Day 2 Kazakh Dispatch - I write from my hotel room at the King Hotel Astana, not the Rixos Hotel (where I am pictured above) which we spent most of our day. The Rixos is where the "VIPs" are housed including, the infamous Dolf (of which this post is dedicated), Hillary Sawnk, and Harvey Wienstien. We stayed at the Rixos for most of the day working with our stories and spying who else was on our network other than Dolf. I did manage to snap a photo with the fine Ms. Swank, and Dolf did a wonderfully cheesy opening at the ceremony last night in which he got on stage with 4 cronies in tuxedos holding wood broads and he chopped them in half and did some fancy karate movie on each of the poor young offenders. It all made for a fabulous show that included a live orchestra in full Kazakh garb. The festival has been a bit of a "storied' affair if you will, but we're making the most of it.

We've decided that tomorrow will be a day to take on the town which has approximately 4 sights to see, and 1 of which is a spa at the Rixos.  This city is still completely under construction and is quite reminicint of Vegas, where its totally barren landscape then suddenly incredibly gaudy gold sky scrapers which jut out of the vast open plains. The streets are all newly paved and the driving is reckless. What we have yet to figure out is where the people live, we suppose somewhere in the big high rises but this is a city that is being built to hold millions upon millions and we doubt more than 1 million live here. Its like a sim city experiment project but in real life.

Signing off for now and leaving you with the key image

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  1. Wow hunnie you look so thrilled. Great description of the city, can't wait to see photos (esp o you w/ Ms. Swank).