Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kid Cudi Cover by Lissie

In a blend of country indie chick rocking attitude Lissie covers Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness and it's amazing not to mention the cinematography is pretty well done for a "live" version. Enjoy

Dragonette - Progressive Hipster House

Now this is the kind of stuff I can listen to all day  as  I write or generally lounge around. Was reading up on Dragonette on the blog forthebeat, which I highly recommend and they have a Fabian remix which I have yet to find anywhere so I'll embed the original song. Original or remixed, it's certainly worth the listen.

Dragonette:  EASY music video

Dragonette | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me

My life of lesiure has lead me to see several films. Which is, thankfully part of what I should be doing anyway so I don't feel too terrible about it. Also, watching films in the NY/NJ area is much cheaper than LA, I paid 7, yes 7 dollars to see Despicable Me this week. Unheard of in most places. I enjoyed the film, though I was hoping for a few more laughs, but sadly the theater was rather empty and you quickly get to feel how important it is to have a group experience in a theater. That said, the film had many great points, including my favorites, The Minions!!! But what really suck out for me was the sound track. I've included the lead theme which is a leitmotif through out the whole film. I am not a hip hop fan (as you can see from all my other musical posts) but I can't get enough of this song so here's to that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fish Are Not Alright

I have the honor of being mildy connected to the talented writer Paul Greenberg who just finished writing an insightful and well thought out book about fish, well 4 species to be exact: Tuna, Salmon, Bass and Cod. With all the interest in organic food, locally grown food, microbiotic food, well food of all sorts no one has focused on one of the world's largest sources of food, the ocean and the fish contained therein.

Paul had a reading of his book this week at Chealsea Market, very appropos of his book. As an avid fisherman, his passion for his subject shows through. But what's important to know about his book is that it's not a story that elevates fish to some godlike stature. It's a book about people, the fishermen and fish farmers who raise the fish, the politics behind fishing, and the steps that the world needs to begin taking or at least truly begin considering before we wipe out one of our best food sources.

Anywhoo as a scuba diver, fish eating fiend and general water lover I'm all about it maybe you all can help get his amazon rating even higher. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Gates Foundation Videos are Posted!

Hi All,
I have to admit I have been remiss in posting of late. I traveled to Puerto Rico for my best friend's wedding and now I am hitting the pavement in New York in the hopes of finding a job. Yes, one would say well, you obviously are not THAT busy, post more. I will, I will, get off me!! Anyway, in the meantime the Gates Foundation posted our 2 projects that I would love to share with you all. One is called Boyz Under The Hood which we shot with a crew group in Philadelphia, and the other is called Greater Expectations which was filmed in LA. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Acoustic Preformances

Was spying the Sirius XMU site and had to post 2 awesome performances:
Gaslight Anthem and Broken Bells:

The Gaslight Anthem continues to draw me in. Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ (What Up Rutgers) these guys keep making off beat tunes that can appeal to a wide audience. I admit they have a sound that's addictive, and have gotten a lot of play of late, but I continue to love their tunes.  Boxer is the track that's making the rounds the acoustic version is great. I've included the Acoustic version of the Title Track American Slang:

Broken Bells:
What can I say a great combination of two bands lead men creates a even better sound

Here's ghost inside.

Drawing Update

Well just so you all know what my lovely direction produced. My drawings may be rubbish but look at what a pro can do.

Arrived back and so tired

Well after a marathon 25 hour flight back, in which Geoffrey and I managed to miss our final leg from DC to LAX I got home and was rescued by 2 dear friends. This was a flight mess to endure, our second leg of the flight was from Vienna to DC, and first after asking the ticket lady to see if any exit rows were available she says no then moves us from the rather decent seats we had to terrible middle seats in a 4 person row. Which is astoundingly stupid to me since we only asked to be moved if there were any EXIT rows avail. Fine, we move on and decide to talk to the others at the gate, they promise us they will help but soon we learn that our plane has been delayed due to a "gas" leak. So, 1.5 hours later, we have new seats together 1 on asile one on window, she says we have exit row, we're set. WELL NO, by exit row she meant IN FRONT of exit row, which turns out to be the most horse crap seat on the plane. We were lucky enough, Langford and I that is, to fly 9.45 hours in seats that don't recline. I felt like a pious Calvinist and felt I should have flogged myself while we flew.

To make it better we land in DC and Geoffrey and I are sent to the lovely 45 min cue for Customs and miss our connecting flight, luckily though Langford made the connection because they sent him the right way. More importantly he was allowed back in the country. But the ordeal just went on and on. I am too tired now to continue, I want to wish you all a happy 4th of july and below is posted the photo I spoke of in the previous post where I am in traditional garb. Many more to come.

From Kazakstan!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Probably is a red flag word

Kazakh Dispatch Day 5 - Forgive the lack of post yesterday as we spent all day in the opera house with no internet for our final pitch. Langford once more gets credit for the post title as we have learned that here in Kazakhstan, Probably means no. So if one says, The Cab will probably be here in 10 minutes we know it will not etc. However I must say that yesterday was the best day of the whole festival. We have to give the organizers credit, they threw an international festival together in 6 months and that they even got it together is a feat in its self.

The closing ceremonies were well done and in good taste and our fine collegue Geoffrey took the prize for his fine script and it seems that they will be developing his script into a film quite soon. So you heard it here first, Apollo 18 will be a franchise soon.

We'll be leaving at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow to make our way back to LA in a Marathon 20 hour flight with 2 hour stop overs in between making our day incredibly long. I must say in all honesty, and this is the first time I have said this in 2 years, never mind in digital ink, I can't wait to be back in LA. Its a place with much more opportinitues for me right now, its funny to have come half way across the globe to have meetings with people who live  and work 15 min away from you but in the confines of a new land, fish out of water if you will, the bonds you make are real and unique.

Overall I hope this festival becomes a yearly event, it is one of the most amazing prizes in all of the industry, to get a production deal with the possibility of actually seeing your film on the screen in the next 2 years simply by applying to a festival is unheard of and also an amazing way to find talent. So for that I applaud them.

So in this case, I hope that Probably actually means yes.

Now for more sleep...