Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fish Are Not Alright

I have the honor of being mildy connected to the talented writer Paul Greenberg who just finished writing an insightful and well thought out book about fish, well 4 species to be exact: Tuna, Salmon, Bass and Cod. With all the interest in organic food, locally grown food, microbiotic food, well food of all sorts no one has focused on one of the world's largest sources of food, the ocean and the fish contained therein.

Paul had a reading of his book this week at Chealsea Market, very appropos of his book. As an avid fisherman, his passion for his subject shows through. But what's important to know about his book is that it's not a story that elevates fish to some godlike stature. It's a book about people, the fishermen and fish farmers who raise the fish, the politics behind fishing, and the steps that the world needs to begin taking or at least truly begin considering before we wipe out one of our best food sources.

Anywhoo as a scuba diver, fish eating fiend and general water lover I'm all about it maybe you all can help get his amazon rating even higher. 

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