Monday, July 5, 2010

Arrived back and so tired

Well after a marathon 25 hour flight back, in which Geoffrey and I managed to miss our final leg from DC to LAX I got home and was rescued by 2 dear friends. This was a flight mess to endure, our second leg of the flight was from Vienna to DC, and first after asking the ticket lady to see if any exit rows were available she says no then moves us from the rather decent seats we had to terrible middle seats in a 4 person row. Which is astoundingly stupid to me since we only asked to be moved if there were any EXIT rows avail. Fine, we move on and decide to talk to the others at the gate, they promise us they will help but soon we learn that our plane has been delayed due to a "gas" leak. So, 1.5 hours later, we have new seats together 1 on asile one on window, she says we have exit row, we're set. WELL NO, by exit row she meant IN FRONT of exit row, which turns out to be the most horse crap seat on the plane. We were lucky enough, Langford and I that is, to fly 9.45 hours in seats that don't recline. I felt like a pious Calvinist and felt I should have flogged myself while we flew.

To make it better we land in DC and Geoffrey and I are sent to the lovely 45 min cue for Customs and miss our connecting flight, luckily though Langford made the connection because they sent him the right way. More importantly he was allowed back in the country. But the ordeal just went on and on. I am too tired now to continue, I want to wish you all a happy 4th of july and below is posted the photo I spoke of in the previous post where I am in traditional garb. Many more to come.

From Kazakstan!

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