Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Animal World as it relates to indie music and other things

For this week's mix I've collected a short list (to be honest it took me 20 min and know there are much more so please let me know of the bands I've missed) of bands and artists whose pseudonym is animal related. As any good scientist and researcher should, I include a little methodology warning: I have only included bands who's names included real animals names in the English language, therefore bands such as Toro Y Moi were discounted though I am open to discussion on that especially since I am bilingual. Furthermore, bands whose names include mythical animals, such as Dragons, unicorns, gollums etc were discounted. Finally, I kept it to non-extinct animals as well, so other bands such as Beach Fossils, which are the remains of possibly some living animal, now extinct or dead was discounted. This also is true for any band with any dinosaur, or dodo like name. Sorry. That said enjoy, comment, and share. 


As always, if you see me in person I am more than happy to burn a CD for you.

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